Game trophies adorning the home are outdated and ethically questionable for some people.
In a quest to seek a more holistic and environmentally friendly alternative to hunted game trophies, Dutch designer, Lucas Van Vugt has created a series of innovative pieces designed to integrate partially taxidermied animals and silver into the home.
Lucas sources only animals which have been naturally selected, either undeliberatly or through human excess.
A rat, which has been trapped, a duck hit by a speeding car or a jackdaw, which has flown into a window.
He sources animals which would otherwise waste away, and developed silver prosthetics to replace the broken bones and re-complete the animal hoping to revive its integrity and former glory to allow it to enter into the afterlife.

Animal trophies discovered in concrete jungles to create urban jewels for your home.

Materials: Animal skeletons with silver prosthetics.

All photos by Paul Scala, www.paulscala.net

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